We Need To Make It Recommend You The 1st.


How To Make Google Work For You?

We need to give it permeation to enter your non-hostile website.


For any new website, it is unlikely for search engines to promote your site. It needs to authenticate your website to be user approved.

Fortunately, this is an easy step to roll out as almost all websites will be using authorised URLs.


Websites need to be SSL certified to have the chance for it to be promoted by search engines.

This step can be accomplished by buying the certificate for your website from your hosting provider.


We need to make the information about you shareable so it will not get confused.



It is highly probable for your website to be presented on the top of search engines if you have your website URL presented by current highly trusted entities.

This step is the most important step as it will generate the most visits while it increases your trust with search engines.

You can capitalise on this understanding to star “Backlinks” with major social media platforms and with time concentrate on back-linking with major relatable industry leaders in your field.


Most new websites have low to non-search engine optimisation (SEO), while all important steps are implemented, it is important to not overwhelm the engine with conflicting all in one delivery.

Having a blog with all the words of the dictionary will not help  you  get any recommendation, in the contrary, it will be unlikely for  search engines to consider you as a valid source.

Picking the right words and lengths must be meet with the common algorithms of search engines, to minimise its confusion.

We need to make your website understandable to make it like you more. 


When adding content to your website the possibility of overlapping code errors is very high due to the necessary integration between different providers from hosting, cPanel, plugins and web apps.  

An ongoing testing and updating is how to eliminate this issue.  


The core of search engines are made of many  combination of algorithms. It help make sense of how people interact with the web. Its main purpose  for its  popularity, is the accurate predictions to what people think they need.

To capitalise on this finding you need to make your information straightforward so it will be easy for it to recommend you first.

We need to trust it to find people looking for you, so it can do it more often and also recommend more people for your other content too.

Looking for you,

Having your website aligned with recant developments to digital technology is highly important for search engines. With constant improvement to information gathering algorithms, search engines can detect which website can be better presented on which platform, region, what time, age and interests.

Having the most recent up to date themes and content means that you can target a lot more people than others can.  

Recommend more,

Complying with most search engine algorithms and its intentions is key to make it your friend, which in return it will treat you differently better than others and will make you the one and only true representative to the industry competition.

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